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You MUST be a UCF student to submit.

Fiction submissions are between 100 and 6,000 words.  We accept short stories, flash fiction, or novel excerpts.  One story is equal to one submission.  

Multiple Submissions: If you are making 2 fiction submissions for this submission period, include both titles and manuscripts in a single Submittable form.  They will be counted and treated as separate submissions. 

If you are submitting a revision during Open Submissions, please do not withdraw your previous Early Bird Submission.  We will review revisions separately and treat it as a new piece. 

File Format: If you need to submit a PDF to retain non-standard formatting, please also submit a DOC file for editorial use.  DOC or DOCX are the preferred file formats.

Cover Letter: Include your name, address, phone number, UCF email address (and an email you check regularly, if those are not the same), academic status (graduate or undergraduate), in addition to the title(s) of submissions, submission category, and number of words per submission.

Thank you and good luck.
We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.